Ministry of Tourism and Aviation 

The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation was established on 10thDecember 2019 under the extraordinary gazette No. 2153/12. Among the main objectives of the establishment of a dedicated Ministry in charge of the tourism and Aviation sectors are making available an appropriate policy and regulatory framework, ensure robust infrastructure development and Aviation, promotion of destination Sri Lanka and exercise administrative and financial overview over institutions Gazetted under the Ministry. 

Vision (Tourism)

To be recognized as the world’s finest island for memorable, authentic and diverse experiences.

Mission (Tourism)

To be a high- value destination offering extraordinary experiences that reflect Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural heritage are socially inclusive and environmentally responsible and provide economic benefits to Communities and the country.

Duties and Functions (Extraordinary Gazette No. 2153/12 -  TUESDAY, DECEMBER  10,  2019)

1. Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects; in relation to the subject of tourism and civil aviation and the subjects of the departments and statutory institutions. 
2. Develop tourism industry and high standards in line with the national policy of promoting Sri Lanka’s image.
3. Registration and regulation of tourist agencies
4. Promote internationally recognized hotel facilities, aviation and sea travel facilities to provide tourist resorts and entertainment facilities as a unique tourist island, highlighting Sri Lanka’s biodiversity, heritage, environment, climate diversity and oceanic resources.
5. Developing and regulating International & Domestic Airports
6. Regulating progress, levy of charges and quality of delivery of services by airports
7. Conclusion of agreements with other countries for expansion of international air services and adoption of other requisite measures.
8. Promotion and execution of regulatory functions in relation to use of airports in Sri Lanka by foreign countries.
9. Promoting domestic air travel
10. Supervising and regulating private air services
11. Registration of Aircraft
12. Supervising all Institutions referred to in Column II and matters relating to all subjects assigned to such Institutions.

The following statutory agencies are function under the supervision of the Ministry.


  • Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority
  • Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management u
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau
  • Sri Lanka Convention Bureau
  • Civil Aviation Authority 
  • Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Bandaranayake International Airport


The Ministry’s available cadre as at 31.12.2018 was 71 as against an approved cadre of 79. There are 08 vacancies in the cadre by the date, in Senior, tertiary and secondary levels which have to be filled by the Ministry of Public Administration and Disaster Management.

Cadre of the Ministry (Tourism Section)

NoStaff GroupApproved cadreExisting cadreVacancies
1 Senior level 16 15 01
2 Tertiary level 04 03 01
3 Secondary level 37 31 06
4 Primary level 22 22 -

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