Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga says that with the control of the Covid epidemic, Sri Lanka will be popularized around the world as an attractive tourist destination. He points out that the necessary action plan has already been prepared for that. He was speaking at a meeting with Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Mr.David Holly at the Ministry of Tourism on the 16th.Minister Prasanna Ranatunga pointed out that the government's goal was to attract 07 million tourists annually and add US $ 10 billion annually to the national economy. He pointed out that even in the presence of Covid, he expects to achieve that goal.
The Australian High Commissioner said that Australian tourists as well as investors in Sri Lanka are more interested in coming and investing in Sri Lanka and assured the Australian Government of its full support for the development of Sri Lanka's tourism and investment sectors.
The Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka said that with the intervention of the Australian Government, it is expected to allocate 25 million Australian dollars next year for the current active enterprise development project in the Eastern Province. He also said that this will implement special projects for the women and youth of the area.
Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism Mr.S. Hettiarachchi, Secretary to the Ministry of State Mr.Madhava Devasurendra, Second Secretary to the Australian High Commission Mr.Danley Cashen and Senior Project Officer Mr.Sivasudhan Ramanathan also participated in the discussion.

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