The government is considering a proposal to launch a cable car project near Namal Uyana and Rosa Thirivana Kanda. This cable car project was proposed by Ven. Rahula Thero, a forest dweller in charge of the Namal National Park. The proposal is expected to be discussed with the Central Cultural Fund, the Forest Department, the Archaeological Department and the Tourism Development Authority in the future, said Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga.
He was speaking at a discussion held at the Ministry of Tourism yesterday (08) with Ven. Rahula Thero, a forest dweller in charge of the Namal National Park.
Ven. Rahula Thero, a forest dweller, pointed out to the Minister that the launch of a cable car project in the vicinity of the National Namal Uyana and Rose Thiruvana Kanda would enhance the tourist attraction. Mr. Ranatunga stressed that it should be designed in a manner that does not harm the ecosystem associated with the Namal National Park and Rose Thiruvanakanda. He pointed out that discussions will be held with all parties in this regard and immediate action will be taken. The Minister said that one of the objectives of the new government is to uplift the eco-tourism industry and accordingly, it is hoped to develop places such as the National Namal Uyana in the future to attract more local and foreign tourists.
Rahula Thero, the custodian of the Namal National Park, said that this is the only place in Sri Lanka with the highest number of Na trees. It covers an area of ​​760 acres. Ven. Rahula Thero pointed out that the prehistoric Rose Thirivana deposit in Namal Uyana, which is believed to be 500 million years old, is spread over an area of ​​250 acres. The pink trellis is said to have been used to decorate the windows of the Taj Mahal, built by the Mughal emperor of India to commemorate his beloved. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus.
According to the legends of this national Namal Uyana and the Rose Thirivana Kanda, which dates back to the reign of King Devanam Piyatissa in the 3rd century BC, it is mentioned in ancient inscriptions as a sanctuary by King Dappula who reigned in this country in 924 AD. Pointed out here.


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