About Us


Positioning Sri Lanka as the most treasured travel destination in Asia


Create an enabling environment to develop, promote, productive and result oriented tourism industry while contributing to inclusive development of Sri Lanka.


  • To strengthen the tourism industry  towards enhancing the income generation for the national economy

  • To enhance synergy and cooperate among the Tourism industry stakeholders  towards making Sri Lanka the preferred tourism destination

  • To develop knowledgeable, skilled, creative and innovative human capital in the tourism sector.

  • To formulate and  implement policies and programme to enhance religious value among Christian / Catholic community.  



  • Formulation of policies, programmes and projects, monitoring and evaluation in regard to the subjects of tourism development and Christian religious affairs, and those subjects that come under the purview of Departments and Statutory Institutions.

  • Formulation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects, in order to inculcate Christian religious values aimed at building a virtuous society.

  • Implementation and monitoring of programmes in relation to Christian Religious Affairs.

  • All administrative, Establishment and Development matters relating to subjects assigned to Institutions and Department coming under the purview of the Ministry.

  • Administrative and Managerial supervision of Institutions coming under the purview of the Ministry.

Main Functional Areas of the Ministry

Administrative and HRD

  • Selection, Placement and Retirement of Staff.

  • Knowledge and Skill/s Enhancement of Staff.

  • Evaluation of Performance of Staff.

  • Maintenance of a Comprehensive Database on Staff.

  • Disciplinary Management.

  • Managing Grievances.

  • Manage Corporate Communication and Public Relations.

Accounting / Financial and Audit

  • Preparation of reports to Committee On Public Accounts (COPA) and Committee On Public Enterprises (COPE) of Parliament.

  • Preparation of Annual Budget Estimates.

  • Procurement of Supplies and Services.

  • Preparation of the Annual Performance Report.

  • Payment of Remuneration to Staff and others.

  • Auditing of Institutions under the Ministry.

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements.

  • Management of Capital Assets.

  • Monitoring Budgetary Provisions.

  • Managing Public Funds allocated under the Ministry.

Planning, Development and Monitoring

  • Monitoring of implementation of Strategic Plans of the Institutions functioning under the Ministry.

  • Monitoring of implementation of Annual Action Plans of the Institutions functioning under the Ministry.

  • Review of Progress in Implementing the Strategic and Action Plans.

  • Preparation of Quarterly Progress Reports.

  • Preparation and Publication of Annual Performance and Progress Report.

  • Management of an information Database on Tourism and related subjects.

  • Monitoring Progress of Domestic and Foreign Funded projects as applicable.

  • Develop and implement an effective ICT based information system.

  • Coordinate and supervise the development plans, projects and programmes implemented by the Institutions functioning under the Ministry.


  • Amend / Update relevant legislations.

  • Offer consultative service/advice on Tourism related issues.